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 How Peacemaker Coaching helps you

Sometimes you'll need a little help to figure out how to make things happen in your life.  The central factor that determines your ability to do that is your ability to influence other people.  All our opportunities come through other people, that's why the ability to powerfully and purposefully influence others is so important.   


Parents, teachers, and coaches want to powerfully and positively influence children.  Clarity in the promises you made to your kids gives you the confidence to lead so that they want to follow.


Small business owners want to influence people to trust and invest in a product or service.  Clarity in the value and worth of your offering gives you the ability to make offers with confidence vs. begging for sales.

  Successful women want to influence partners for fulfilling intimate relationships.  Clarity about yourself and the vision for your future gives you the ability to instantly distinguish a fit from a miss.

  How this website serves you

This website was created to offer the much needed methods that turn good advice into great results.  People often get good advice from co-workers, family, friends or books, but not all that advice comes with the specific steps you need to take to really utilize that advice.  Without the practical methods, good advice is just a load of hot air.

This website wants to help by providing both the good advice AND the step-by-step process you can take to get started and evaluate results.



The Quick Version  

Lorraine Esposito is a professional lifecoach , owner of The Center for Coaching Mastery at Westchester Community College  in New York, and nationally recognized author ofThe Peacemaker Parent, Solving Problems for Today, Teaching Independence for a Lifetime ,  Lorraine was the featured life coach for WFAS 103.9 FM  and was an active collaborator with the National Football League regarding youth sports health and safety. She has been featured in various print, broadcast, and on-line media and is a public speaker regarding personal leadership to community and school-based audiences. Lorraine lives in New York with her husband and two teenage sons. 



How has Lorraine

 earned the right to coach?


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Recent ventures:

The Center for Coaching Mastery at Westchester Community College

Lorraine opened the Center for Coaching Mastery at Westchester Community College in 2013. WCC, part of the State of New York Universities, is the largest educational institution in Westchester County, NY--just 30 minutes north of Manhattan.


Listen to a few shows broadcasted on WFAS FM Radio

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 Best of Procrastination and Choice Making

 The Paradox of Choice

 Best of Procrastination and Choice Making The Paradox of Choice 

 Opportunities Through Other People

 Creating Relationships

 Relationships  Creating Good Relationships


Collaborating with the NFL and USA Football  


NFL's Youth Sport Health and Safety


USA Football's Heads Up Program

In addition, Lorraine has been an active collaborator with the National Football League and USA Football regarding youth sports health and safety. 

  Professional Certification  CoachVille Mentor Coach  Higher Ground Leadership Coach