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 Articles published by Lorraine Esposito

Luck Scares Me

By Lorraine Esposito 
It might be easy to see how unlucky situations would frighten someone; it's scary to think your car could leave you stuck or you might get sick. Many people, however, fail to recognize the same scary features in lucky situations. How can meeting the man of your dreams be scary? What could possibly be scary about finding money on the street? It's scary when you chock it up to luck because that means you have no conscious connection to that situation and, therefore, won't be able to repeat the success again. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Passions Misplaced

By Lorraine Esposito 
There is no shortage of campaigns to join; no shortage of evils to fight against. There are wars against terrorism, drugs, smoking, and hunger. When you think of these controversial issues, what are the images that flash in your mind first? I cannot speak for every person, but my experience has been that people tend to picture first the images of the angry, fist-pumping speakers and demonstrators, and the tragedy of the cause. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Are We Seeing the Same Things?

By Lorraine Esposito 
The importance of constructing a positive self image early is immeasurable. Choices you make today are the product of your experiences yesterday. As you move through life, your experiences stack in layers creating the foundation from which you live your life. Can you see how believing the world has unlimited possibilities would effect the choices you make? Sure you can. [READ FULL ARTICLE]


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