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Watch this funny video about a serious message.



                  You're a hero

 The Importance of Walking Your Talk 

A speech to the Scarsdale Public Schools (New York)  11/18/10 

Running time: 45 minutes        

Coaching Works!

 My approach to coaching

1/27/11 Running time: 24 minutes 

The Morning Peacemaker Method implements the Peacemaker Parent 


Neurons in Action!  Changing Your Mind

See startling micro-photography of actual new connections happening in the brain. You'll see what happens when you learn something new, change your mind, and even how your brain changes when you break a habit.  Truly an amazing video.  Running time: 2 minutes



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Registration Opens Fall 2013 - Coach Training and Certification with Lorraine Esposito



Coach Lorraine Esposito, PCC



Influence ChidlrenAmplify your influence with children


Influence Relationships

Amplify your influence in relationships


Influence ClientsAmplify your influence in business

  Higher Ground Leadership Coach


CoachVille Mentor Coach


Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation