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My Big Promise to You

That no matter the actions of your children, now or in the future, you will know that you did what you promised. Rain or shine you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror.


Coach Approach Parenting Program



Program Overview

Some say that it takes a village to raise a child. I agree, but that's because I believe it takes a village to support a parent.


Parenting is a collection of skills that, like any skill, require practice to master. Though we are born with the basic emotions that make parenting attractive, we are left on our own to find the best ways in which to parent the next generation.

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Stages and Methods

It takes more than conversation and good advice to become a powerful influence in the lives of kids.


You’ll need reliable and practical methods that both challenge and support you in becoming the powerful influence you need to be.


Stage 1 – Purpose and Promise

Stage 2— Skill Mastery

Stage 3—Expand Awareness

Stage 4—Design Environments

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Fact Sheet

The down and dirty details about the program. It’s an outline in bullet form and you’ll find links to more information.

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Getting Started

  1. Get familiar with the investments and rewards  
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Coach Training

Along with private and group coaching, Lorraine offers professional coach training. Whether you're starting a new career as a professional coach, or looking to add a coach approach to everything you do.

Find out about professional life coach training and certification now available at Westchester Community College