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Do it Ditch it Delegate it -- DONE!

Welcome to the De-Clutter Zone!

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Join me and a group of other people for a little support and challenge aimed at clearing away the clutter from your life and your mind.

The quick basics of the call:

·       It’s free!  Yes, free! (really)

·       We start at 9:00 am Eastern with a 30 minute call to declare our de-clutter challenges.  You’ll have the opportunity to offer tips to others and to get a few for yourself.

·       At 10:00 and 11:00 we call back into the meeting room for a quick 15 minute update on progress.  We celebrate wins, support challenges, and lend a helping hand if we can to ensure everyone wins their de-clutter challenge.

·       At noon it’s all over!  We call back for a wrap up and final declaration of our successes.

Hey, what if you get done early?  Awesome! Choose something else to de-clutter and get crackin!

Sounds crazy and it works like crazy

A few suggestions to make the most of your

Do it, Ditch it, Delegate it Day:

Choosing your focus
If you haven't already, start thinking about your de-clutter challenge.  Don’t be surprised if you feel like getting a head start.  It’s funny how that happens.

Get specific
Write down the steps to accomplish the challenge. Then divide them into 3 segments; one segment for each hour of the call. You’ll find you have greater success if you’re well prepared in advance.

Plan for the challenge
Hang a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door if you can, or try your best to minimize the interruptions. Also, plan for your de-clutter and personal needs. Have plenty of boxes or garbage bags ready if you’re likely to need them. Have plenty of snacks ready, lots of water or coffee, and even plan the music you’ll listen to as you rise to the occasion.  

Plan to bring You to the call
Prepare to support and be supported, to challenge and to be challenged. The best part of a call such as this is the community feeling that we’re in this together. No joke, it’s amazing how much it matters.

Set a winnable game and play all the way.  
Set a high goal that’s attainable.  Reach a little higher than you might otherwise stretch without going overboard.

Think fun! 
This is intended to be fun, and based on the feedback I’ve gotten in the past, it’s a lot of fun. 

Why is this day so important?

Thomas Leonard, the father of coaching and someone I admire greatly, created this model for coaching.  He believed (as do I) that unless our needs are met, we won’t be free to be happy. Unmet needs are obstacles that can be moved out of the way by cleaning up the unfinished business and handling the dangling things. Once done we can more easily meet needs and move on to achieve real happiness. It sure makes a lot of sense.

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Do it, Ditch it, Delegate it Day

and get ready to have fun ZAPPING the clutter!

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