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Principle Gerry Young, Greenacres Elementary School, Scarsdale NY


Greenacres Elementary School Principal, Gerry Young was inspired to action following a presentation made by Lorraine Esposito and wrote about it in the school's newsletter.


"Following up on Lorraine Esposito's presentation at the last PTA meeting, we declared the week of May 17th to 21st as: No Excuses Week! The goal was to have everyone meet their obligations and be responsible for themselves and their belongings. No one was allowed to call home for instruments or forgotten homework or play date information. Everyone - both children and adults - was to take responsibility. As Lorraine has indicated, this type of endeavor would be a great step towards independence. And what a week it was! It actually worked out well as indicated by the significant improvement in student responsibility and independence. Maybe we should be expanding the concept."


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