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Return on Investment

My promise to you

Peace of Mind—Regardless the actions of your children, now or in the future, you will know that you did what you promised. Rain or shine you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

Energy – Fewer conflicts, distractions, and obstacles frees your energy. You will feel greater positive energy.

Clarity – Making decisions “on purpose” is only possible when you understand your purpose and promises. You will clearly see the connections between today’s actions and tomorrow’s outcome.

Confidence – Your certainty in the ultimate outcome will outweigh the collective doubts in those around you. You will radiate the kind of confidence that rallies support.

Influence – Your ability to deliver on your parenting promises is equal to the power of your influence. You will amplify the power of your influence.

Your Coach: 

Lorraine Esposito, PCC

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  • Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation
  • 10+ years of experience coaching privately and in groups
  • Nationally recognized author, The Peacemaker Parent, Solving Problems for Today, Teaching Independence for a Lifetime
  • Coach Training Instructor for CoachVille, LLC
  • Mother of 2 teen boys ages 17 and 19, active in the community of parents, teachers, and athletic coaches
  • Collaborator with the National Football League and USA Football in Youth Sports Health and Safety
  • Public speaker to community and school-based organizations

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Program Duration

10 to 12 months – Plan to engage for a year, though some people achieve the outcome earlier, my experience has shown that it takes a bit longer than you initially think.  "Why so long?"

Because parenting is just so darn personal.


Coaching Schedule

  • Weekly Topic Calls – 1 hour
  • Twice Weekly Support Calls
    • 30 minutes each for groups
    • 15 minutes for private clients
  • Just In Time (JIT) Coaching
    • Emails answered within 24 hours
    • Quick support calls when actgions and challenges are high 


Time - 1 - 2 hours per week in scheduled coaching conversation.


Effort - Activity is necessary for usable outcome. Plan to engage in a variety of ways each week. Activities are tailored to your objectives, your resources, and your schedule. Everything is done with support.


Faith - You invest your trust in yourself, in my experience and methods, and in the coaching process. The greater you invest your trust and faith, the more successful your outcome.



·       Groups of not less than 5 - $1,800 per person payable at $150.00 per month

·       Private coaching $7,200 payable at $600.00 per month


Your Tangible Coaching Support

·       Coaching Prep (2 days prior to topic call)

·       Coaching Wrap (1 day after topic call)

·       Audio Recorded Coaching Conversations (MP3 download)

·       Worksheets and Reference Materials (On-going)

·       Subscriptions to Peacemaker Blog and Weekly Tips (weekly content)

·       For Groups: Special Guest Presentations (Psychologists, Sports Celebrities, Notable Coaches, Fitness Experts, etc.)