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Coach Approach Parenting

If you're like I was . . .

If you're like I was, then you're in the right place.

you're in the right place.

Look over a few things before you book time to talk:

Investments and rewards

I spell out my promise to you and the investment you'll make in time, energy, and money.

Morning Motivational Moments

Start your day with a coach approach by listening to a recorded show!  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from March 2013 to June 2015 on WFAS 103.9 Westchester NY radio, Jolana Smith and Coach Lorraine Esposito pondered everyday issues from a coach perspective.



Click here for the complete library of radio shows

Peacemaker Blog

Articles that reflect my thinking

 Peacemaker Blog - Motherhoods Bad Rap  

Peacemaker Blog - Stop Punishing Your Kids

 Peacemaker Blog - Grandparents and the Experience Economy

Tip of the Week

How I apply the coach approach to daily squabbles.


Tip of the Week - Decode a Feeling

Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week - Have Faith


Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week - Lunch Notes

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Send me your question and I'll do my best to answer.

"I was in a parenting group for 3 years w/8 women and psychologist and I have to say this format is so much more effective."

"I absolutely LOVE what you wrote ... I printed it and hung it up in my kitchen ... it just makes so much sense ... You said it so well, concise, to the point - Bam! Love it."     

"This was a very revealing task. I never realized how much I was contributing to the morning chaos . . ."  


"I never realized how much I did for my kids ... It never occurred to me before someone in the group suggested it today...this could be life-changing ..."  

"Thank you seems rather trite. You have a gift and it is great that you have found a way to share it with others."

"I truly think your program is fantastic and fills a true niche of unique support in the world of therapy."

"Lucy was trying my patience . . . I could feel the heat in my belly and the madness in my head . . . I stopped, closed my eyes (which was very intriguing to Lucy)..."   

"Very interesting exercise! Really mad me think. I wish I had thought about it before I got so mad...I hope I will next time."     

"Wow are you supportive! I've just printed out the recaps of our calls, they are truly amazing and will be a resource for 18 years to come!!!"  

"This class has been so enlightening...I hope I can encourage others around me to listen to the new ideas and goals that we have discussed so that the big picture can be the same for everyone involved with my children's lives..."    

"I learned a lot about changing my perception of things..."