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Coach Approach Parenting Method

Morning Peacemaker Method

Coach Approach Training

 Influence with Children


YOU (not you) Influence Children

We make a promise . . .

Parents promise to prepare children to love and be loved, to be successful, and to have the courage to think for themselves.


Teachers promise to prepare children with the general knowledge needed to understand the world, leverage opportunities, and ask questions with genuine curiosity.


Coaches promise to prepare children with the skills and practice needed to bravely engage in all the games of their lives--win, lose, or draw.


Simple steps are all it takes to make good on these promises while at the same time fully loving life.


Step 1:  Clarify the personal benefit.

The benefit to YOU that results from making good on your promise.  Sound selfish? It is—but in a generous way. Most people end up feeling resentful and frustrated until they acknowledge personal gain in actions.




Step 2:  Clarify your personal values.

Most people only think they know their values.  Most people just accepted the values of other people who had or have influence with them.   


Step 3:  Clarify your present environment.

Your environment always wins! You have created 9 environments that either support or frustrate your success. Most people have created their environments without thinking and wonder why they are frustrated all the time.



Step 4:  Clarify your promise

Clarity in steps 1, 2, and 3 make this one a piece of cake and relieves you of the burdens you carry. Most people strive to do it all perfectly but end up failing to consistently do anything very well.


Step 5: Simplify your life.

Most people overly complicate life and struggle to keep up so even small changes feel overwhelming. Most people hide behind a complicated life avoiding steps 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Why is it all so important?

Knowing Why makes everything easy.

Knowing Why gives you the courage to Try


Step-by-step Peacemaker Coaching and the Coach Approach Method brings you from being like "most people" to being exactly what you wanted all along. 

If you want a better relationship with a child, you’ll need to know why it’s important to you both. It’s a simple process but not an easy one until you know  WHY  it’s all so important.

We are powerful givers but often don't know how to give fully without giving ourselves away in the process. To win is to fulfill our promises while enjoying life.



If you feel less than confident that you're making good on your promises, you're not alone. Most adults who influence children feel that they are failing on some—if not all—counts. 


 The Morning Peacemaker Method implements the Peacemaker Parent