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The Coach Approach

Influence by Design

Adults who influence networks: 

Communities, friends, family, partners. To recognize and connect with people who energize your spark you have to know what that spark is. Are you? Not if you mold yourself to conform with what you think is desirable.

You are likely to become just like the people you are with most. Look around -- is that okay?

If you spend most of your time with co-workers who gossip and have unhealthy habits --  is that okay?

If you spend time with peers whose lives are out of control, are lonely, and feel useless or invisible -- is that okay?

Most people know when something clicks! 

We feel it      We know it

Why, then, don't more people have lives that click?

Sleep walking!

You may be sleep walking -- missing the clues.

Peacemaker Coaching teaches you to . . .

Stop being distracted by conflicting voices of "should" so you can . . .  

Hear yourself think!

Stop doubting your inklings and intuition so you can . . .

Immediately see the clicks and misses

Stop pushing through obstacles and resistance so you can . . .

Get where you're going.

Okay . . HOW!

How does Peacemaker Coaching do all of this?

It all comes down to Coach Approach training and learning the Small Step Rule.


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Registration Opens Fall 2013 - Coach Training and Certification with Lorraine Esposito


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Coach Lorraine Esposito, PCC


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Amplify your influence in relationships


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