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Influence by Design Method

8 Steps to World Power

Amplify the power of your influence by consciously designing all 10 of your personal environments-

Pump up support and ZAP! irritations.


Step 1: Create Your Ideal Village

Create a picture of the ideal learning environment that helps you to become the parent that can fulfill all your promises.

Step 2:  Pattern Language

Craft short phrases (3 to 5 words) that capture the essence of being the powerful influence for your child.

Step 3:  Benchmark Present Environments

Evaluate the present condition of your 10 personal environments.

Step 4:  Name Present Patterns

Compare present conditions to your pattern language and give it all a name.

Step 5:  Identify Tolerations

Make a list of tolerations, i.e., distracting things that bother you.

Step 6:  ZAP! Tolerations

Clarify the irritation as you learn and appreciate the value it brings, then ZAP! it 110%.

Step 7:  Conduct Experiments

Create experiments that test the affect small changes in your environment has on your ability to influence your kids powerfully.

Step 8:  Allow Evolution

Move from imitation (copying others), to adaptation (making the most of situations), and into being the parent who naturally and effortlessly influences everything in her world.