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The Coach Approach

Influence by Design

 Adults who influence customers: 

Super small business owners, authors, coaches, etc. Anyone wanting to shamelessly market a product or service must have connected his or her offer to more than just money. Have you? Not if you have trouble talking about yourself. 

Did you know that work is for joy?

Yes! JOY! 

The entrepreneur, or solo-preneur, has . . .

Has chosen her product to sell.

  Has chosen her service to offer.

Yet most aren't having much fun.

What? How did this happen?

Most have forgotten why:

Why her product is so special and valuable

  Why she was compelled to share her gifts

Peacemaker Coaching teaches you how to . . .

Stop "targeting markets" so you can

Start engaging communities!

Stop "selling" stuff so you can

Start talking about your value and gifts!

Stop begging for sales so you can

Start making offers that matter!

Communicate the value and JOY in what you do and watch how powerful your influence becomes!

It's the Experience Economy!


Okay . . HOW!

How does Peacemaker Coaching do all of this?

It all comes down to Coach Approach training and learning the Small Step Rule.


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Registration Opens Fall 2013 - Coach Training and Certification with Lorraine Esposito


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Influence Relationships

Amplify your influence in relationships


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