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The Coach Approach

Influence by Design

 Adults who influence children: 

Parents, teachers, coaches, etc. Anyone wanting to empower children to think independently must first be thinking independently. Are you? Not if you’re still blaming other people for your frustration.

Influence with children starts with the skill of observation.  You need breathing room for that!  We design your environment, aka, your world, so that it . . .

Fits YOU

                         Supports YOU

                                                      Reflects YOU

Believe it or not, your ability to influence kids is directly related to your ability to influence your own life FIRST!

Peacemaker Coaching teaches you to:

Stop nagging - Stop martyrdom - Stop yelling

Creating room for . . .


Watch how powerful your influence becomes!

Learn more about ways to amplify your influence

Okay . . HOW!

How does Peacemaker Coaching do all of this?

It all comes down to Coach Approach training and learning the Small Step Rule.

  Our rapidly changing world creates overwhelming possibilities that  weaken the power of your influence. It’s leaving us feeling confused and worried—worried that we’re letting our kids down.

Coach Approach Parenting teaches you how to clarify your ultimate outcome—the promise—in a way that makes it useable in everyday life. You’ll learn methods that solve problems for today while teaching independence for a lifetime. The steps are simple but the process isn’t easy; that’s why it takes a really great coach who has earned the right to help you.

I am that coach

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The method works


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