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 Living a powerful life takes courage, desire and

a really great coach.


Do you think she strives to look like ... herself?

Your ability to make decisions independently and to follow through with your plans is the foundation for all the endeavors of your life. Coaching is all about supporting and challenging you to do just that.  Peacemaker Coaching is about helping you do that easier and with more fun by designing your life for powerful influence.


I fully believe that you already know what's best for you. You already know what makes you happy and inspires you. But when your life isn't working, you're not selling enough products, you're lonely, or your family isn't happy together, it's easy to think that you actually don't know what to do.


Life is simple. We make it complicated

because we can't tell the truth.

--Thomas Leonard


Having a thriving business or amazing relationships isn't the same as not having these things because you think you lack know-how. I find that most people only lack the courage to want what they truly want. It becomes a habit to accept less and to blame your disappointment on some outside influence.


You already have everything you need to make your dreams reality. All it takes to access all your assets is clarity.


There are 10 steps to the Influence by Design Method.