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Morning Peacemaker Method

Parenting in action with a Coach Approach

8 Steps to Keeping Your Promises


Step 1:  Promises in Real-Time

Translate the fulfillment of your promises into focus for daily action.

Step 2:  Rally Support

Describe your plans and ask for support from all the people close to you and your child. Three weeks before roll-out.

Step 3:  Setting the Stage

Create a new environment of change for your kids. Two weeks before roll-out.

Step 4:  Observe and Decide

Benchmark the present activities and create the ideal task list.

Step 5:  Incentives

Evaluate the range of rewards and incentives that you’re willing to offer in exchange for your child’s participation.

Step 6:  Create Training-Wheels

Create examples of calendar pages and experiment with snooze timers.  One week before roll-out.

Step 7: Roll-Out Meeting

Schedule and conduct your initial 15ish meeting with your child.

Step 8:  Review Meeting

Conduct review meetings in which the week’s action is debriefed, championed, and rewarded. Tweak when needed and repeat!