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Parenting Promises Method

9 Steps to Peace of Mind

The overall framework that clarifies promises and systematically guides our coaching process.


Step 1:  Clarify Purpose and Promise

Find the basic promises you’ve made to your kids and to yourself and then find all the reasons that fulfilling the promises really and truly matters.

Step 2:  Benchmark the Present / Plan for Future

Find the recurring actions and their recurring challenges. Answer the question: How can I do this better?

Step 3:  Take Action – Starting Small

Put plans into action in a way that respects your promises, your purpose, and everyone connected to fulfilling both.

Step 4:  Respond to Challenges

As you experiment, you’ll face surprises and obstacles that might have stopped you in the past. This time you have the real-time support—support during the challenge—that makes sure you stick with it this time!

Step 5:  Evaluate Results

Every action has something to teach you. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some; each result has a lot to teach when evaluated with judgment-free awareness.

Step 6:  Parenting on Purpose

Creating a parenting strategy—a way of parenting that leverages your strengths and skills for the best result.

Step 7:  Skills Mastery

Create a personalized practice plan to tailor skills for parenting. The basic interpersonal skills used in everyday life are used by parents in very different ways. It's all about how you do what you do with kids, parenting peers, family, and your community. You'll need practice for mastery.

Step 8:  Expand Self-Awareness

You bring YOU to every role therefore becoming clear about the fundamental influence of your values, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and motivations, etc., is essential for you to feel fulfilled as you make good on your promises.

Step 9:  Design Environments

Design your “world” so that it sustains the changes you’ve made. You can’t parent successfully alone. Remember, it takes a village and that village must be created by you--on purpose.