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 Juli Aulcair - Not So Supermom

Julie Auclair-Lipof
Not Supermom

Former host
Parents TV
New York, NY
"... wonderful advice and fabulous book."
I was thrilled to have Lorraine as a guest on Parents TV. She offered great advice about how to put an end to the morning chaos and start the day off right through The Morning PeaceMaker Method. Lorraine was wonderful to interview...warm, charismatic, enthusiastic and so knowledgable! She taught us how to to cut out all the craziness from the morning routine and actually have peace! Who knew that was possible? We learned how to break up our morning into blocks of time, remove our voices and set a kitchen timer to help our kids stay on track. I just loved her suggestion of Calendar Pages. I even tried them at home, with my kids, and it has made a huge difference in our morning routine. No more stress, no more chaos and no more constant reminders! Lorraine's wonderful advice and fabulous book, "The Peacemaker Parent," can help you become a better parent and empower your children to become more independent!
 Life and love are simple with an open heart Laura Ward

Bronxville, NY

(Influence with relationships)

Finding that life is actually simple

Lorraine is the velvet hammer of motivation and results-she has the skills to open your heart, mind and soul in order for you to achieve your most important dreams. Served up with a sense of humor, you will be amazed at your personal transformation.

 Cate Cleary, CMC Vision Cate Cleary 

CMC Vision

Qualitative Research / Fortune 500

Poundridge, CT

(Influence with clients)

Work is for JOY!

Lorraine possesses the qualities that I feel are imperative in a life coach. She listens intently, is able to translate what she hears into insights and guides me as I apply my values to areas that I want to change. She is empathetic, encouraging and supports those decisions that align with my values. Her energy is infectious and her confidence in my abilities is invaluable.

Lorraine is a very effective teacher and has amazing organizational skills.  She supports her insights / advice with facts, quotes and examples, thereby providing me with the tools / confidence I need to change.  Additionally, she provides wrap ups and feedback on homework in a timely manner (same day or next day). I wish I had her turn around power!

In the first 4 months working with Lorraine Esposito, I benefited enormously.  I have identified my values and Lorraine has raised my awareness regarding the importance of applying these values to my relationships and business interactions.  I’ve learned to bring unconscious thoughts and feelings to the forefront via journaling.  And, I have begun to zap tolerations that drain my energy and preoccupy my mind. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Lorraine and highly recommend her as a life coach.

Toby Martini, Your Chief Improv Officer  Toby Martini

Your Chief Improv Officer

Tampa, FL

(Influence with children) 

Father making good on his parenting promise!

I am very pleased to have had Lorraine Esposito as my coach! I was having a hard time with my three young boys being mean-spirited and pushing back against most of our requests. She really helped me figure out ways to deal with them, to talk with them, and to create great structures to help in building them up to be great little human beings.

Her perspective, her program, and her gentle but firm guidance allowed me to see how much of the problem stemmed from my own unprocessed mental blocks. I now see many of the things that trigger me and get me angry. Seeing them makes it easier to deal with them instead of being run by them.

I can now see the bigger picture of my goals as a parent and the house runs quite a bit smoother now. Without Lorraine’s aid in this, who knows how long I’d be dealing with anger or how my children would turn out. I appreciate the larger perspective I now have thanks to Lorraine.

 From Crowded to Clear - Ah! Dorothy P.

Long Island, NY

(Influence with self)

 Clarity . . . Ah!!  That feels nice!

My first coaching experience was with Lorraine Esposito. I reached out to her at a time when my life seemed to be all jumbled together. I gained knowledge and an awareness of myself through these sessions that I had other wise overlooked. She took the time to help me understand, through self discovery and guided projects "homework" more about my true passions, the things in life that made me happy. The process in itself yielded many tears and laughter, at times simultaneously. When a person is conflicted in their every day life simple tasks can be almost impossible to achieve clearly and without a real sense of accomplishment. I was able to set immediate goals and regain a sense of control and conviction. I also gained a sense of responsibility for my actions or lack there of. I continue to this day, to remind myself of that happy place where my skin, my heart and my very core (the pit of my stomach) feel warm, fuzzy and loved. I thank Lorraine for taking me back to this place that always existed within myself but had been dormant to me. This experience was and continues to be beneficial in my path to self discovery.


 Kelly Welch, Yes Career Services Kelly Welch  Yes Career Services / branding expert 
Raleigh, NC 
(Influence with children/clients/relationships) 

Working, parenting, and self -- OH MY!


You are the sort of coach whose voice rings and lingers with me long past our time together. You have given me hope that I am strong enough and good enough to eat the elephant, after I address its presence! I find myself more aware and more purposeful over the past few months, taking actions, risks and commitments I may have been (unadmittedly) afraid to do before. There is something about you that has a plug directly to my emotions- I trust you that you do not judge and you have great EQ and empathy. In my book there are lots of coaches. You are an amazing coach and one of a rare breed. If we can raise the bar to only letting more people like you into the profession, it would be a win-win for the world. If you want to use this last part as testimonial, please do, if you have something specific in mind, let me know. A big hug and thank you.


 Jessie Hipolit, Mountain View Coaching Jessie Hipolit

Mountain View Coaching

Business and Personal Development

(Praise from a colleague)


Lorraine is a strong spirit, full of life and love.  She is like the Energizer Bunny -- not letting anything derail her from her passion of putting peace, fun and leadership back into being a parent. She has confidence in herself and her clients.  Her coaching is energetic, positive and client centered. Lorraine understands the value of the feedback life gives us and wisely leverages experiences and perspectives. She steps into her client's shoes long enough to show compassion and gain trust, and then asks them to step into hers long enough to know there is a higher road, and see that Lorraine knows the way.  (Thank you, Jessie. Right back at-cha!)


 Rena Hedeman, Career and Life Coach  Rena Hedeman 

Professional Career and Life Coach Concord, MS 

(Influence with customers)

 Clarity in the gifts she shares!


Lorraine is warm, funny, enthusiastic, and full of positive energy – all of which endeared me to her and made me feel I could trust her immediately. She asked many questions and gave me many exercises which really helped me identify my priorities and strengths, and therefore enabled me to more clearly see which niche I wanted to focus on as a coach myself. She also led me in some role-playing exercises which helped me to prepare for real-life situations, and also helped ease my anxieties in those areas. I definitely recommend Lorraine as a fantastic coach. She not only helps you get the results you’re looking for, but she’s also a really fun and wonderful person!


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