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Turning Kids into Peacemakers Can Mean Fighting With Yourself
Outdated methods to control behavior are turning kids into warriors not peacemakers and it’s because parents are losing the battle over the industrial mindset. Live radio show, Thursday, 6/21/12, 10:00PM EST

WS Radio

New York, June 21, 2012: Lorraine Esposito, parent of two teen boys and life coach challenges the old school approach on parenting in a 60 minute broadcast on The Doug Noll Radio Show, a program known for giving practical ideas that promote peace.

Parenting is difficult no matter who you are, it’s made harder by outdated and overly controlling beliefs about the ways in which children facing today’s challenges should be parented. The industrial economy mindset of the past generations is reflected in the “do as you’re told” and “because I said so” mentality. Guess what? The industrial economy is failing fast making way for the experience and inspiration economy. Out go techniques to control behavior and in come methods to encourage independent thinking and accountability.

Host, Doug Noll, will take questions live from callers starting at 10:00PM EST.

About Lorraine Esposito
Life and fitness coach and nationally recognized author of The Peacemaker Parent, Solving Problems for Today, Teaching Independence for a Lifetime, Lorraine Esposito has been featured in broadcast, radio, print, and online media and is a public speaker regarding personal leadership to community and school-based audiences. Lorraine is also a coach training instructor and mentor coach for, CoachVille, the world’s largest coach training organization. Lorraine lives in New York with her husband and two teenage sons.

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Lorraine Esposito