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Apex Reviews The Peacemaker Parent by Karynda Lewis

Throughout the pages of The Peacemaker Parent, author Lorraine Esposito provides the reader with effective solutions for the everyday challenges that come with raising children. Superbly crafted, Esposito's informative guide strikes a comprehensive balance between academic instruction and basic common sense ... READ THE REVIEW

Hometown Newspapers The Peacemaker Parent by Katherine LeBlanc

Life and Fitness Coach Lorraine Esposito wants you to know she understands what you're going through as a parent. Esposito, author of "The Peacemaker Parent," shares her struggles and triumphs of raising her children and teaches you her theory of solving problems and teaching Independence.  READ THE REVIEW

Macaroni Kid  The Peacemaker Parent  by Kelley Stryer

Lorraine has made the approach easy to follow in her book and guides you through the process of getting to the peaceful morning.  It doesn't happen over night,  but through a series of steps you can get to that place you want to be with your children and have that relationship with them that you deserve.  . . .   READ THE REVIEW


Scarsdale Patch The Peacemaker Parent: Scarsdale Author and Mom Offers Parenting Tips by Jaclyn Bruntfield


Scarsdale resident, mother of two, personal trainer, and life coach Lorraine Esposito talked about helping kids be "accountable and responsible" at Greenacres Elementary this week. For Lorraine Esposito, author of The Peacemaker Parent, mornings have "such a powerful ripple effect on the rest of the day." She advocates instilling in children "accountability and responsibility," and noted that these traits are often neglected when parents focus primarily on a child's actions. READ THE REVIEW 

ParentingParadise.com  Lorraine Esposito Interviewby Sikaz

Lorraine is open and genuine with an intuitive ability to see the solutions to problems. Her energy and wit are magnetic making her a dynamic and captivating speaker.  READ THE ARTICLE

Parents TV The Morning Peacemaker Interview with Juli Auclair

Mornings are the most hectic time of day for many families. Learn some strategies for getting your children up and out the door with less stress from Lorraine Esposito, author of "The Morning Peacemaker."    WATCH THE CLIP

    • Parents TV Oct 2009   


  Scarsdale 10583.com  The Morning Peacemaker

Though her work deals specifically with raising independent children, it’s clear that her step-by-step approach to child rearing can be applied to everything we do. READ THE ARTICLE