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Radio Interviews with Lorraine Esposito

The Culture of Football

Can youth football be saved?

The Steve and U.B. Show

Steven Michelson (Steve) and Ross Fessenden (U.B.) are the hosts of the fastest rising sports broadcast on blogtalkradio--it's funny and intelligent.  The boys live and breathe sports!  Listen to the conversation with Lorraine Esposito about youth sports and why we are having such a difficult time keeping players safe. 

The Steve and U.B. Show broadcasts Thrusdays from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern.  Listen to the abbreviated show clip with Lorraine's interview or stay for the whole show.

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What it really takes to prepare kids for life on their own
Are you making good on your parenting promises?

Read the press release for this broadcast

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Are we seeing an evolution toward peace at the NFL?

 The Doug Noll Radio Show

On the eve of the inagural Youth Sports Health and Safety Workshop, listen as Lawyer turned Peacemaker, Doug Noll talks with Lorraine Esposito about the meaning and benefits of the NFL's move toward greater leadership in youth sports. 

Read Doug Noll's recap of the interview here.

Missed it Live? Listen here

Links to the information mentioned in the interview:

YouTube Softball Sportsmanship

Doug Noll's Report - Friends of Fresno State

Letter from NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell regarding the Youth Sports Health and Safety work.


Lorraine's going to the NFL!

The Hollis Chapman Show

Great Gifts, Great Guests, Great Talk

Kids and Concussions, Are you ready for some football?  Hollis Chapman interviews author and life/fitness coach, Lorraine Esposito about her book, The Peacemaker Parent, and her upcoming opportunity at the NFL.

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Boundaries - Schmoundaries: What’s all the fuss?
GFEM Radio Show

Most boundaries aren’t really boundaries at all, they’re castle walls fortified to keep everything and everyone out leaving you isolated and alone; where’s the joy in that?

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Turning Kids into Peacemakers

May Mean Fighting With Yourself

The Doug Noll Radio Show

Outdated methods to control behavior are turning kids into warriors not peacemakers and it’s because parents are losing the battle over the industrial mindset 

Read Doug Noll's recap of the interview here.

Missed it Live? Listen here

Practice Makes Perfect . . .

Until it Embarrasses Your Mother

Raising Great Men Radio Show with Lorraine Esposito 

No! Parents can’t teach responsibility and independence without allowing kids to practice and make mistakes but messy embarrassing mistakes trigger the heat of Parenting Peer Pressure putting an end to learning. 


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The Morning Peacemaker Method implements the Peacemaker Parent

I Just Want Some Peace

Life Radio Show

Hosted by Deirdre D. Gilbert M.Ed

Kingdom View Radio 

Enough talk about visualizing peace and harmony, we need more than good advice if we're ever to actually have it.

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Brainwashing Grandmother Battles Life Coach and Mother Over Parenting

Controversial Buzz Show


Old school goes head-to-head with today’s reality

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Repairing a Young Man's Image

YMP Magazine

YMP Magazine 

What will it take to repair the young man's imagine in America?

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Stop Waiting for the Perfection

Get InThe Game Now

CoachVille Caffeine

CoachVille, LLC

It's still quicker to make mistakes and fix them than it is to wait until everything is perfect before stepping out.


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It's Confusing Until You Stop Listening To Experts

And Start Listening To Your Intuition

Life Today Radio

Dolores DeGiacomo, Coaching for Life Today

Play to YOUR strengths and live happily ever after. 


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