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Stages and Methods of

Coach Approach Parenting

Coach Approach Parenting is a collection of 4 methods implemented during 4 stages. That's how I keep my promise to you.

Approach:  Underlying beliefs and theories about the ultimate outcome.

An approach informs the method.

Method:  Systematic way of accomplishing something.

A method creates predictability in outcome.

An approach without a method identifies a situation to be handled but it takes a clear method to get it handled.

Stage 1 - Clarify Purpose and Promise

Declaring your parenting purpose and the basic promises you've made.


·       Values in Action Method – Step 1

o   Create a short list of your most important personal values

·       Parenting Promises Method—Steps 1 and 2

o   You’ll answer two questions:

o   “I know I’m doing it right when _____.”

o   “I can do _____ better if I do/have ______.”


Stage 2 - Personalize Skill Mastery

Identify the skills and resources needed to achieve your objective.


·       Values in Action Method – Step 2

o   Find the personal meaning of each value.

·       Parenting Promises Method - Steps 3, 4, and 5

o   Experimenting with strategy with real-time support.

o   Learn to improve by evaluating results without judgment.

·       Influence by Design Method - Steps 1 and 2

o   Plan the supportive environments that help you become the person who fulfills her parenting promise.

o   Learn how to make decisions quickly and consistently regardless the situation.


Stage 3 - Expand Awareness

Create measures to evaluate short-term and long-term success.

·       Values in Action – Step 3

o   Connect values together to unlock clarity and power (Venn Diagram)

·       Parenting Promises Method – Steps 5 and 6

o   Create an overall strategy for parenting on purpose.

o   Tailor communication skills

·       Influence by Design Method – Steps 3 and 4

o   Evaluate personal environments for support

o   Compare present conditions to what’s needed

·       Morning Peacemaker Method – Step 1

o   Translate fulfillment of your promises into a daily focus


Stage 4 – Design Environments

Simplify and upgrade energy, support, and momentum 360

·       Influence By Design Method—Steps 5 through 8

o   Identify and ZAP! irritations and obstacles as you experiment adding support and energy into your world.

·       Parenting Promises Method—Steps 8 and 9

o   Expand your awareness about the effect your personal values, beliefs, and past experiences have on the actions you take.

·       Morning Peacemaker Method—Steps 2 through 8

o   Implement the method that gradually transfers responsibility to your child.