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Testimonials for The Parenting Promises Program 
Parenting Promises Program 


Lorraine is a brilliant coach and a mastermind at working with parents and kids to get them to understand each other at a more fundamental level. This depth fosters trust and accountability; 2 key drivers of Peacemaker Parent premise. I've had the opportunity to be a project partner and client of Lorraine's and her intelligence, energy and passion for this topic is so very empowering and memorable. Her unique methodologies are sound and practical, a parenting imperative for ease of implementation and results!!



 Kelly Welch, Yes Career Services  
Kelly Welch 
Yes Career Services / branding expert 
Raleigh, NC 
(Influence with children/clients/relationships) 

You are the sort of coach whose voice rings and lingers with me long past our time together. You have given me hope that I am strong enough and good enough to eat the elephant [one bite at a time,] after I address its presence! I find myself more aware and more purposeful over the past few months, taking actions, risks and commitments I may have been (un-admittedly) afraid to do before. I have decided to be a leader to myself. To challenge, push and hold accountable 'me' to do things I have pushed to the back of my mind. Not sure it will be pretty all at once, but in the end I will have done the best I can. My personal legacy is different from my professional one: professionally, I want to leave those around me with the sense that they deserve to play to their strengths in their work can inject passions into their professional life through authenticity. My personal legacy is more private and it is this: no regrets, period. In my book there are lots of coaches. You are an amazing coach and one of a rare breed. If we can raise the bar to only letting more people like you into the profession, it would be a win-win for the world. A big hug and thank you.


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I absolutely loved the program! Thank you for changing my life in a positive way!! You’re the best!

Watch and pass it on - Please

I really enjoyed the program. I felt that it was relevant to my life and my life with my children. It was helpful and I loved feeling like I had a support group that I could throw ideas and fears off of. Knowing that you would never be judged for your views or parenting style. It was great to hear about others in the same boat as myself, and reassuring to know I am not alone. Lorraine is fabulous in making you feel like an equal and helps you realize your overall parenting goals and how to get their. She is understand and is a great listener. Thank you for all your support during the program.

I didn’t really know what to expect going into the program but have to say it was fantastic! Any person that has children would benefit from this program and Lorraine’s wisdom and subject matter expertise. It has been an eye opening, positive experience that will impact the rest of my life!


I thought the program was phenomenal.  Lorraine is well spoken…not intrusive…subject matter expert.  The program was enlightening and anyone who has children would benefit significantly from any time w/ Lorraine.  I’d highly recommend her and her work.  She has a book too… I think it is being revamped and coming out soon… not sure but will ask her.  She gets the green light from me!


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I found the program fun, exciting and rewarding. It helped me learn new strategies to deal with my 12 year old girl. As she continues to grow and challenge me, I find new questions every day that would be helpful to present to a group.


I really enjoyed the concepts you introduced and while 8 weeks felt like a good, long time I almost wonder if having the group ALL of the time wouldn't be helpful!!



Lorraine's program was an energetic and refreshing experience. The information and research was balanced with personal experiences that made the information relevant and beneficial. The workshop also included eye-opening group exercises/activities that brought the information to life. I was able to apply different aspects of the experience to my personal and even professional life. I strongly recommend the program and can't wait to read the book!


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