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Tip Archives

Peacemaker Coach is focused on amplifying the influence adults have with kids so that we can keep the promises we made to them and to ourselves.  Tip of the Week started in November 2011 as a way to offer real and practical ideas for experiments toward that goal.

There are many archived tips here, start anywhere and be sure to share your thoughts and experiences.  Oh, and share a tip or two of your own won't you?

One of the most popular tips was the inspiration for a board on Pinterest. Lunch Notes was posted in June, 2012 and continues to add inspiration to parents all over.  Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas or for a funny little pick-me-up.


May '13 Reward Flavors
April '13

Wait for Desire

Happiness is a Comparison

Feb '13 Objective Signs for Readiness

Keep it Real

Mar '13

Your Reflection

Jan '13

Experimental Change

The Game of Change

2012 - 2011

Dec '12

The Right New Year's Resolution

Crime & Punishment

Recognize Strengths

Protect Childhood

May '12

Respect Elders

Mother's Day

Influence Backfire

Share Tips

Nov '12

Don't Land

Evaluate Choices

Decode a Feeling

April '12

April Fools / Cinnamon Challenge

Safety w/Smart phones & Camaraderie


Recognize Perfection

Have Faith

Oct '12

Time To Go

Turn it Over

Asking the Right Questions

Accountability Cop-Out

March '12



Able to Change


Sept '12

Breakfast Hero

Debate Bait


After School Debrief

Time is Money

Feb '12

I'm Sorry

Accept vs. Agree



August '12

Meaningful Thanks

5 Star Ratings

Portion Control


Jan '12

Expectation Guilt



Not Nice

Make Sense

July '12

Problem Crumb Trail


Swimmer's Ear


Dec '11

Powerful Listening II

The Ignore List

Do Ditch Delegate


June '12

Lunch Notes

Nightly Tuck-In

Trying to Lose Weight

Public Transportation


Nov  '11


Effort Goals


Peer Pressure

Powerful Listening I

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