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August 5, 2012

5 Star Ratings

Evaluate the promise made

What it is


5 stars indicates your total satisfaction with a product or service. 

Why it's Important

Public distrust in marketing claims means that customer testimonials and user reviews are becoming more influential.  Yelp.com, Four Square, Angie's List, and others are powerful resources for buyers.  

The Problem

Reviewers aren't always fair.  Sometimes buyers aren't reviewing a product's performance based on the promise made by the seller, but rather the unreasonable expectation of the buyer.  If you buy a cheapie expect a cheapie and base your review on a cheapie.  Don't fault the cheapie for not being high-end.

Unfair reviews damage trust.

The Tip

Did you get what you paid for?

When booking a hotel stay, buying a car, eating at a restaurant, or hiring professional services, make sure you identify what's most important and shop well.

 Step 1

Make a list of the go/no-go issues.  What must you have to even consider the product or service?  All items on this list are equally important because they are all necessary.

 Step 2 List the 'extras' you would also like to have.  Rank each 'extra' according to the value it has to you, i.e., 1=little value, 3=would be nice, and 5= highly desireable.
 Step 3 Declare your budget.  How much money can you spend?
 Step 4 Make a potential product list by asking around.  Ask close friends and family for recommendations.  Then branch out to networks for ideas.
 Step 5 Shortlist by comparing your go/no-go list to the claims made by the recommended products. 
 Step 6 Compare your budget with all the finalists cutting out those you can't afford.
 Step 7 Compare the finalists with your list of 'extras' and whittle it down to the top 3 products.
 Step 8 Now it's time to check user reviews. Read them carefully looking for authentic and accurate ratings about the product claims and performance received.

Opinion spam usually refers to false positive reviews planted by company stakeholders but it can also be false negative reviews planted by unreasonable customers looking for a refund or venting buyer's remorse.



When you're clear about what you want, you'll be happy when you receive it.


You control your destiny with every informed choice made--both good and not-so-good.


Stop paying extra for fluff; it's expensive and frustrating.


People fear harsh judgment.  A fair-minded leader is safe to follow. 

Promise Kept

We promised to teach our kids how to advocate well for themselves.  When we demonstrate fairness in our assessment of quality, we're making good on the promise.

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False Negative Reviews 


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