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September 30, 2012

Breakfast Hero

Save the morning - Save the day


Someone who comes to the aid of another or puts her personal values into civic action.  Heroes risk personal harm to save the day.

Why it's Important Our heroes clarify and define the values we choose for ourselves.  Character is shaped by personal values. 
The Problem

Heroes influence through actions; words alone won't cut it. Action is risky to the parent-hero; risk of being wrong, harshly judged, or unappreciated.

The Tip

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Peacemaker Parents know the importance of starting the day happy and successful. Tricky considering that a child’s idea of happy and a parent’s idea of happy may be pulling in opposite directions.

Get clever and even break some ‘rules’ by serving this tasty and healthy treat for breakfast.

Step 1:  Waffle Recipe

Find a healthy waffle recipe, like this Whole Grain version by All Recipes

Step 2:   Ditch the Syrup  

Instead of syrup and butter (sugar and fat) top the waffle with a low fat ice cream.  I use Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla Bean.


Step 3:  Random Surprise

Serve the breakfast of champions on a regular ol’ day not linked to a great test score or a birthday.

Step 4:     Yes, You’ve Gone Crazy 

Let your kids think you’re loony while they eat this obviously unhealthy breakfast.  Allow them to love the ‘naughtiness’ along with the tasty treat.

Step 5:  Reveal Cleverness After dishes are cleared reveal the truth about the not-so-naughty breakfast.  Compare the nutrition information and let them know you’ve made sure they are prepared to win the day.


Happy 360º

 Body:  Adding complex carbs to the start of the day is awesome!  Don’t take my word for it, take it from Harvard.

“High sugar consumption impaired cognitive abilities . . .” Just one the findings published recently in the Journal of Psychology.

 Heart: Parent-heroes feel love and appreciation and  kids do too. Another awesome 2fer!
Influence Parent-heroes shape a child’s character.
Promise Kept

We promised to teach our kids how to stay true to themselves.  By demonstrating clever ways in which to satisfy their need to be happy -- 360° -- we're making good on that promise.


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Tip of the Week - Breakfast Hero

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