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November 25, 2012

Don't Land

Time to change zip code

What it is

The foundation for choosing well.

Why it's Important

Sure, there are tons of things kids aren't allowed to do, and

Yes, we must make sure to convey the message -- especially when safety is on the line, and

You're right, sometimes 'No' is a complete sentence, however

What if, you're child doesn't see her options, or

What if, he doesn't know how to NOT do this thing?

The Problem

Knowing what NOT to do is the answer to a problem.

Knowing what TO DO instead creates a solution.

You have the problem

      Your child needs the solution

            Leaders help others find solutions

The Tip

Ask how . . . How will you remember?

Step 1

Something Good to Remember

Pick something your child wants to remember.

The date or time of a party

To bring something to school

Step 2

2 or 3 Levels

Ask her how she will remember.

"How will you remember to (__)?"

Do prompt for more ideas

Don’t allow your child to rely on you to remind her

Do offer an idea if asked, but not right away

Don’t criticize any idea, just spark thinking

Do congratulate her great strategy (even if it's not great)

Don’t prepare her for failure

Step 3

Hands Off

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