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 April 29, 2012

Have Faith

Love is always remembered

 What it is

Faith knows something to be true without proof or consensus.  Faith is stronger than belief.


Why it's  Important

The proof that our influence with children has been powerful is sometimes delayed 20+ years. With all the daily trials and tribulations, it's vital we have strong faith to keep us going through thick and thin.


The Problem

We've gotten used to instant gratification and lack the ability to hold onto faith without it. 

Consider this

Lack of immediate proof doesn't make it impossible to have faith that your influence is strong; it just makes it possible to lose your faith.


The Tip

Watch this and have faith  

 Thanks to Coach Val Silver for sharing the video find.


Peace of Mind

When you know that you're making the right choices you'll relax and get on with the job.


Your kids will feel the power of your surety and trust you a bit more.


When you believe in your plan you will stick with it.


Everything you do today counts forever.  Having faith enables you to influence powerfully.

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A Lion Called Christian - Tip of the Week - Have Faith

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A Lion Called Christian - Tip of the Week - Have Faith




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