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April 8, 2012

Safety with Smartphones


What it is: When taking pictures with your smartphone, you may be unwittingly opening your world to the world.

Why It's Important: Technology is wonderful!  We can explore the world from the privacy of our own homes. The benefit to having access to the life and times of interesting people and their amazing discoveries requires responsibility. The Law of Polarity is in full swing. 

The Problem:  Technology that enables us to share our life with friends and family can also put us at risk. Without understanding the extent to which you may be sharing, you and your kids are vulnerable to evil-doers. Unfortunately, the ability to know everything can prevent you from knowing the important things..

Two Tips This Week


Tip #1:  Create a solid network

We need our peeps!  A strong and carefully selected group of like-minded people help to filter out the noise of information overload so that you can recognize the wheat from the chaff.

Though the warning about this potential danger was available a year ago, I missed it in the noise of all the voices vying for my attention.  I’ve posted over 150 pictures to Facebook in the past year, and though I’ve changed settings, it feels a bit like closing the barn door knowing a few horses may have gotten lose anyway. Thanks to Keyuri Joshi, On The Ball Life and Parent Coaching, I now know how to use the technology safely. 

The tip for next week will detail steps for carefully selecting the right groups to join.  For now, here are a few of the Linkedin Groups supporting me in my various endeavors:

Tip #2:  Update Your Smartphone

Watch the YouTube video to learn how to update your Smartphone so that you can continue to share your world with the people in your life that matter.


The Benefits:  You are in control

Peace of mind – Your able to use awesome technology knowing that you have help and resources that keep you and your kids safe.

Camaraderie – Motherhood can be a lonely job if you’re disconnected and lack people with whom to share and commiserate.

Influence – Our primary function is to powerfully influence our kids. You're better equipped with the help of other parents. Bonus:  It's the opportunity to extend your influence beyond the borders of your yard as well.


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Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week - Safety with Smartphones


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 Peacemaker Coach Tip of the Week - Safety with Smartphones



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